MentorShip Program

The MentorShip program is a One on One mentoring of individuals designed to enhance our CPS-ECP course structure. The mentoring is done by trained CPS-ECP members and done under the supervision of the Executive of Windsor Power and Sail Squadron. It is intended to aid new/ learning boaters to gain further understanding of boating and boating safety and to help integrate the information gained through CPS-ECP courses and learn about further courses offered. Participants will be able to define what their goals and objectives are, the Mentor will help you achieve your goals in boating.

Our goal is to make the boating experience safe & enjoyable for boaters and their family.


Format & Procedure


Please be a part of encouraging boaters to take part and make boating safe & fun!

Windsor Power and Sail Squadron

For over 80 years, the Windsor Power and Sail Squadron (WPSS) has been involved locally, regionally and nationally in providing leadership in education and the promotion of the ideas of the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons (CPS-ECP).

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