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Gone Virtual !



Vision without a task is only a dream.

A task without a vision is drudgery.

But, vision with a task brings a dream fulfilled.

What is your Vision?




The ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.


Who would have thought how this vision could evolve to be so true!  In our wildest imagination, it never occurred to us that the CPS-ECP Annual Conference and AGM would take place in a virtual world….a reality that for many has become part of our daily lives over the past six months. The Squadrons of the Western Ontario District welcome you to the greatest opportunity ever afforded every Member of CPS-ECP….the opportunity to attend and participate in the meetings and seminars of this year’s Conference Vision 2020.


You can be at any of the sessions within one minute at the click of your computer or tablet in the comfort of your own home.  With this ease, you can attend the sessions of your choice and especially the Annual Meeting of CPS-ECP.


The Program

While CPS-ECP has had a similar format for many years now, going virtual gives the opportunity to maintain the past and deliver the future.  Meetings and sessions will be spread out further through the week to accommodate time differences across the country. Since no one has to travel and no one has to spend any money, we have time on our side to achieve greater accomplishments for the good of all. Although the finalized agenda is not complete as yet, you will see that each day starting with Tuesday, October 20th through to Sunday, October 25th plays host to the various components of the Annual gathering. The DRAFT agenda is included with the enclosed Notice of Annual Meeting. To receive updates and the link to register for various meetings and seminars, please send an email with your name to agm2020@cps-ecp.org to be added to the communication list.

Don’t have an email, have someone send us your name and contact info.

Watch your inbox and the electronic OnBoard publications for final details.


The Fun!

Missing your friends and colleagues?  Be prepared to join the virtual Hospitality room on the Friday evening.

The theme is “All that Glitters” and, yes, there will be a prize for the best dressed to the theme! Make sure you have something bubbly or sparkling to drink when you come to the Hospitality evening.  Do you have an exciting ‘Sparkling’ drink?  Let us know as we are looking for that special theme drink for 2023….more prizes!  We look forward to ‘seeing’ you there and having fun from Coast to Coast.



Information mentioned above and the process to register for the Annual General Meeting (mandatory) and the other meetings will soon be on its way. No meetings or sessions will start prior to 1200 EDT.
And don’t forget, if you have some, wear your 2020 Regalia … we can see you!

Remember, email agm2020@cps-ecp.org to be placed upon the communications list.


What is your Vision of the future….our imagination of presenting this to you gives everyone the chance to look into the future with all levels of CPS-ECP participating….we hope you will join the Squadrons of the Western Ontario District in October….Vision 2020.



Your virtual hosts for the 2020 Annual Conference and AGM,
Squadrons of the Western Ontario District.



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